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It's generally a good time to refinance when mortgage rates are 2% lower than the current rate on your loan. It may be a viable option even if the interest rate difference is only 1% or less. 任何削减都可以减少你每月的凯发体育官方. Example: Your payment, excluding taxes and insurance, would be about $770 on a $100,000 loan at 8.5%; if the rate were lowered to 7.5%, your payment would then be $700, now you're saving $70 per month. Your savings depends on your 收入, budget, loan amount, and interest rate changes. 你信任的贷款人可以帮助你计算你的选择.


一个百分点是贷款总额的一个百分比, 或者1点=贷款的1%, 100美元加1分,000的贷款是1美元,000. Points are costs that need to be paid to a lender to get mortgage financing under specified terms. Discount points are fees used to lower the interest rate on a mortgage loan by paying some of this interest up-front. Lenders may refer to costs in terms of basic points in hundredths of a percent, 100个基点= 1个点, 或者说贷款总额的1%.


Yes, if you plan to stay in the property for a least a few years. Paying discount points to lower the loan's interest rate is a good way to lower your required monthly loan payment, and possibly increase the loan amount that you can afford to borrow. 然而, 如果你只打算住一两年, your monthly savings may not be enough to recoup the cost of the discount points that you paid up-front.


The annual percentage rate (APR) is an interest rate reflecting the cost of a mortgage as a yearly rate. This rate is likely to be higher than the stated note rate or advertised rate on the mortgage, 因为它考虑了积分和其他信贷成本. The APR allows 凯发体育官方网站buyers to compare different types of mortgages based on the annual cost for each loan. APR是用来衡量“贷款的真实成本”的.“它为贷款方创造了一个公平的竞争环境. It prevents lenders from advertising a low rate and hiding fees.

APR不会影响你的月供. Your monthly payments are strictly a function of the interest rate and the length of the loan.

Because APR calculations are effected by the various different fees charged by lenders, APR较低的贷款不一定是更好的利率. 比较贷款的最好方法是 ask lenders to provide you with a good-faith estimate of their costs on the 相同类型的程序(e.g. 30年期固定利率). 你可以 then delete the fees that are independent of the loan such as 凯发体育官方网站owners 保险,所有权费,托管费,律师费,等等. 现在把所有的加起来 贷款费用. The lender that has lower 贷款费用 has a cheaper loan than the 贷款费用较高的贷款人.


  • 积分-折扣点和起始点
  • 预付利息. The interest paid from the date the loan closes to the end of the month.
  • 贷款处理费用
  • 承销费用
  • 文档准备费用
  • 私人凯发体育官方保险
  • 托管费用


  • 所有权或摘要费
  • 借款人的律师费用
  • 验房的费用
  • 记录的费用
  • 转让税
  • 信用报告
  • 鉴定费用


Mortgage rates can change from the day you apply for a loan to the day you close the transaction. If interest rates rise sharply during 申请过程 it can increase the borrower’s mortgage payment unexpectedly. 因此, a lender can allow the borrower to "lock-in" the loan’s interest rate guaranteeing that rate for a specified time period, 通常30 - 60天, 有时是收费的.


Below is a list of documents that are required when you apply for a mortgage. 然而, every situation is unique and you may be required to provide additional 文档. 所以,如果你被要求提供更多信息,要合作 尽快提供所需的信息. 这将有助于加速 申请过程.


  • 已签署的销售合同副本,包括所有条款
  • 你给房子付的押金的证明
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of all realtors, builders, insurance 涉及代理人和律师
  • Copy of Listing Sheet and legal description if available (if the property is a condominium please provide condominium declaration, by-laws and most 最近的预算)


  • Copies of your pay-stubs for the most recent 30-day period and year-to-date
  • 你过去两年的W-2表格的复印件
  • 过去两年里所有雇主的姓名和地址
  • 解释过去两年工作空白期的信件
  • 工作签证或绿卡复印件 & 回来)

If 自由职业者 或接收 委员会 or 奖金, 利息、股息, or 租赁 收入:

  • Provide full tax returns for the 最后两年 PLUS year-to-date Profit and Loss statement (please provide complete tax return including attached 时间表和语句. 如果您已申请延期,请提供一份 扩展名的副本.)
  • K-1's for all partnerships and S-Corporations for the 最后两年 (please 仔细检查你的回报. 大多数K-1都没有附在1040上.)
  • Completed and signed Federal Partnership (1065) and/or Corporate Income Tax Returns (1120) including all schedules, statements and addenda for the 最后两年. (仅当你的持股比例为25%或更高时才需要.)

如果你想使用 赡养费 or 孩子的抚养费 资格:

  • Provide divorce decree/court order stating amount, as well as, proof of 去年资金接收情况

如果你收到 社会保障 收入, 残疾 or VA 好处:

  • 提供来自机构或组织的奖励信


  • Sale of your existing 凯发体育官方网站 - provide a copy of the signed sales contract on your current residence and statement or listing agreement if unsold (at 结帐时,你也必须提供结帐/结帐报表)
  • Savings, checking or money market funds - provide copies of 银行 statements 过去三个月
  • Stocks and bonds - provide copies of your statement from your broker or 证书的复印件
  • Gifts - If part of your cash to close, provide Gift Affidavit and proof 收到资金
  • Based on information appearing on your application and/or your 信贷 report, 您可能需要提交额外的文件


  • Prepare a list of all names, addresses, account numbers, balances, and monthly payments for all current debts with copies of the last three monthly statements
  • Include all names, addresses, account numbers, balances, and monthly payments 适用于过去两年的凯发体育官方持有人和/或房东
  • If you are paying alimony or child support, include marital settlement/court 说明义务条款的命令
  • 查阅以支付申请费用


Credit scoring is a system 信贷ors use to help determine whether to give you 信贷. Information about you and your 信贷 experiences, such as your bill-paying history, the number and type of accounts you have, late payments, collection actions, outstanding debt, and the age of your accounts, is collected from your 信用申请及信用报告. 使用统计程序,债权人 compare this information to the 信贷 performance of consumers with similar 配置文件. A 信贷 scoring system awards points for each factor that helps predict 谁最有可能偿还债务. 总点数,即信用评分 -- helps predict how 信贷worthy you are, that is, how likely it is that you 是否会偿还贷款并在到期时付款.

The most widely use 信用评分s are FICO scores, which were developed by 公平 Isaac Company, Inc. 你的分数将在350(高风险)和850(低风险)之间。.

Because your 信贷 report is an important part of many 信贷 scoring systems, it is very important to make sure it's accurate before you submit a 信贷 application. To get copies of your report, contact the three major 信贷 reporting agencies:

Equifax: (800) 685 - 1111
Trans Union: (800) 916-8800

You are entitled to receive one free 信贷 report every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer 信贷 reporting companies – Equifax, 益百利和TransUnion. This free 信贷 report may not contain your 信用评分 and can be requested through the following website: http://www.annual信贷report.com


Credit scoring models are complex and often vary among 信贷ors and for different 类型的信贷. 如果一个因素改变了,你的分数可能会改变——但是是进步 generally depends on how that factor relates to other factors considered by 该模型. Only the 信贷or can explain what might improve 你的分数 under 用于评估您的信用申请的特定模型.

Nevertheless, scoring models generally evaluate the following types of information 在您的信用报告中:

  • 你按时付帐了吗? 通常付款历史 是一个重要的因素. 你的分数很可能会受到负面影响 if you have paid bills late, had an account referred to collections, or declared 破产了,如果你的信用报告上有记录的话.
  • 你的未偿债务是多少? 许多评分模型评估 你的债务数额与你的信用额度相比较. 如果数量 you owe is close to your 信贷 limit, that is likely to have a negative effect 在你的分数.
  • 您的信用记录有多长? 一般来说,模型考虑 你的信用记录的长度. 信用记录不足可能 have an effect 在你的分数, but that can be offset by other factors, such 作为及时付款和低余额.
  • 你最近申请新学分了吗? 许多得分 models consider whether you have applied for 信贷 recently by looking at 当您申请信用时,您的信用报告将被“查询”. If you have applied for too many new accounts recently, that may negatively affect 你的分数. 然而,并不是所有的询问都被计算在内. 调查由债权人 who are monitoring your account or looking at 信贷 reports to make "prescreened" 信贷优惠不计算在内.
  • 你有多少个信用卡账户?你有什么类型的信用卡账户? Although it is generally good to have established 信贷 accounts, too many 信用卡账户可能会对你的分数产生负面影响. 此外, 许多模型会考虑你的信用账户类型. 例如,在 some scoring models, loans from finance companies may negatively affect your 信用评分.

Scoring models may be based on more than just information in your 信贷 report. For example, 该模型 may consider information from your 信贷 application as well: your job or occupation, length of employment, or whether you own a 凯发体育官方网站.

To improve your 信用评分 under most models, concentrate on paying your bills on time, paying down outstanding balances, and not taking on new debt. It's likely to take some time to improve 你的分数 significantly.


评估是对物业公平市场价值的估计. It's a document generally required (depending on the loan program) by a lender before loan approval to ensure that the mortgage loan amount is not more than the value of the property. The Appraisal is performed by an "Appraiser" typically a state-licensed professional who is trained to render expert opinions concerning property values, 它的位置, 设施, 和物理条件.


在传统凯发体育官方中, when your down payment is less than 20% of the purchase price of the 凯发体育官方网站 mortgage lenders usually require you get Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) to protect them in case you default on your mortgage. Sometimes you may need to pay up to 1-year's worth of PMI premiums at closing which can cost several hundred dollars. The best way to avoid this extra expense is to make a 20% down payment, 或者询问其他贷款项目的选择.


这可能看起来令人惊讶, some folks with hefty 收入s find that it’s mighty tough for them to save enough money to make a 20% cash down payment on their dream 凯发体育官方网站s. 使用传统的融资, such buyers must purchase Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) which increases the cost of 凯发体育官方网站 ownership and, 具有讽刺意味的是, 这使得申请凯发体育官方变得更加困难. 然而, if you’re a dues-paying member of the cash-challenged class, don’t despair. Given that your 收入 is sufficiently high, it’s eminently possible to avoid getting stuck with PMI. 这就是为什么80-10-10融资被发明的原因. 它被称为80-10-10,因为它是一个储蓄和贷款协会, 银行, or other institutional lender provides a traditional 80% first mortgage, 你可以得到10%的二次凯发体育官方, and make a cash down payment equal to 10% of the 凯发体育官方网站’s purchase price. By using this method, you are no longer obligated to take out PMI on your property.

The same principle applies if you can only afford to make a 5% down, 还有80-15-5融资. 然而, because a smaller cash down payment increases the lender’s risk of default, do not be surprised when you are asked to pay higher 贷款费用 and a higher mortgage interest rate for 80-15-5 than you pay for 80-10-10.

交易结束时会发生什么 ?

The property is officially transferred from 卖方 to you at "Closing" or "Funding".

At closing, the ownership of the property is officially transferred from 卖方 to you. 这可能涉及到你, 卖方, 房地产经纪人, 你的律师, 贷款人的律师, 所有权或托管公司代表, 职员, 秘书, 和其他员工. 你可以 have an attorney represent you if you can't attend the closing meeting, i.e.如果你在州外的话. Closing can take anywhere from 1-hour to several depending on contingency clauses in the purchase offer, 或者任何需要建立的托管账户.

Most paperwork in closing or settlement is done by attorneys and real estate professionals. You may or may not be involved in some of the closing activities; it depends on who you are working with.

在关门之前,你应该做一次最后的检查, 或“演练”,以确保所要求的维修得到执行, and items agreed to remain with the house are there such as drapes, 照明灯具, 等.

In most states the settlement is completed by a title or escrow firm in which you forward all materials and information plus the appropriate cashier's checks so the firm can make the necessary disbursement. Your representative will deliver the check to 卖方, and then give the keys to you.